Brake Repair Shop in Florence, SC

Your car’s brakes are its biggest safety feature. When the time comes, you want to be able to stop on a dime and make sure you avoid a collision. Are your brakes capable of giving you the stopping power you need? If not, it’s time to get them replaced. Jones Auto Wrecking can help.

We’re one of the oldest, most-trusted brake repair shops in Florence, Danwood, or Quinby, SC, capable of replacing brakes and performing repair work on any vehicle, regardless of make or model. Whether it’s new pads and shoes or master cylinder service, our goal is to get you back out on the road with your biggest safety feature working properly.

  • Brake changes

    Are your brakes squealing or squeaking? Does it take you longer to slow down and stop than it used to? These are clear signs of bad brakes and a call to action to schedule an appointment for a brake change. We can change out pads and shoes, handling disc and drum brakes for any vehicle, regardless of make or model. Don’t wait for your brakes to fail you—get them checked and changed today!

  • Brake repairs

    If you’ve been riding around on bad brakes, there’s a chance you might’ve damaged your calipers or rotors. Warped braking components need to be replaced, which means you need brake repairs from a shop that’s equipped to service them. We can replace and repair any peripheral components that are part of your braking system, to ensure everything works when it needs to.

  • Cylinder service

    Do your brakes feel “mushy” when you depress the pedal? Air in your brake lines can affect your ability to brake on a dime and stop when you need to. Bring your vehicle into our shop in Florence, SC for master cylinder service. We’ll flush your brake lines and make sure your car responds when you hit the brakes.

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As a complete brake repair shop, Jones Auto Wrecking delivers much-needed routine brake services to any vehicle, regardless of make or model. Call us today at 843-662-4314 to schedule a brake change, towing, auto body repair, collision repair, and more. The next time you hit the road and hit the brakes, you’ll be thankful for how fast your vehicle responds!

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