Auto Body Repair in Florence, SC

After an accident, there’s a good chance your vehicle has damage you can’t see. Even something as simple as a crumpled bumper can result in misaligned parts under the hood. And while you can’t see them now, problems like radiator leaks and misaligned vehicle suspension will cause you trouble in the near future unless they’re fixed.

Jones Auto Wrecking delivers the minor mechanical work your vehicle needs to get back on the road in Florence, Danwood, or Quinby, SC without any underlying or lingering issues. From front end alignments to radiator repairs and more, we put in the work to get your vehicle road-ready. We offer the following top-notch shop services to any make or model:

  • Brake repair and service
  • Collision repairs
  • Expert auto body repair
  • Frame and unibody repair
  • Front end alignments
  • Front end suspensions
  • Insurance claims work
  • Radiator repairs

Car Repairs for Any Vehicle

From fleet vehicles to farm equipment, SUVs to RVs, there’s no vehicle we can’t handle at our shop! Our car repair and auto body repair services are done in a state-of-the-art facility, by trained professionals with repair capabilities for all vehicle sizes. Regardless of the vehicle, rest assured we’re putting in the work to ensure proper repairs, part replacements and mechanical excellence, so there aren’t any problems when you hit the road again.

Our Auto Body Repair is Guaranteed!

Whether we’re replacing a radiator or realigning your vehicle suspension, rest assured our work comes backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem after you leave our shop, bring your vehicle back and we’ll fix it for free. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence among Florence, SC drivers, and we’ll do what it takes to uphold that reputation by providing superior workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Trust our 100 Years of Experience

How many other auto wrecking and bodywork shops can say they have a century of quality service behind them? If you need automotive repairs and want a shop with years of experience and dedication to quality services, contact Jones Auto Wrecking today at 843-662-4314. We look forward to working with you to help you with car repairs, collision repairs, brake changes, towing, and more.

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